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How To Free Yourself From Negative Boo Hoos


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How many times have you found yourself stuck in a conversation with someone who is has a completely negative view on life and insists on sharing it with you so that it brings you down in the process?  Or perhaps you are in a work environment where most people are miserable in their jobs and each day that you're there you find it harder and harder to maintain your motivation and positive outlook on life.


This is a common problem with so many people and they find it impossible to break free from these situations and end up staying in them becsuse tehy don't know what to do.

In this blog we offer a few practicle steps to help you FREE YOURSELF from all the influenses that are holding you in place so you can start moving towards a life that is purpose driven instead of purpose deflating.


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This is Nathan Hawken, cofounder and director of the Achievement Club online, and this last week, I’ve actually been in a few huge kinds of different situations and I’ve been thinking about this for a bit and it’s how do you get yourself out of those situations or those conversations with people that are just completely drains in negativity? Now if you talk about these conversations, that’s what we like to call a negative Boo Hoo or someone that you call the waambulance on. Those types of situations where you actually start talking to the person, you ignore the conversation, happy to talk to them until you say “how are you.” When the result comes back, well, I suckered everything, or I hate my job, I hate my life, work is so bad, my relationship is so horrible, my friends complain all the time, these and that and the other, and you are certainly just going well, I am so sorry that I asked.

Or maybe it’s a work situation, a lot of people are stuck in this way, when I go to work and as soon as I walk into the office or the workplace, it is just drenched in negative energy. You work through the door, and they come from being motivated and positive and feeling good for the day and they shrink into a little size, because all the negative energy just gets sucked or just gets pushed to them or the positive energy just got sucked and reduce and work like that every single day, go home and take all that negative energy home with them on to their family, on to their friends. You know a lot of people are like that and it’s really hard to get yourself out of those situations. People feel stuck!

I used to be like that, you know, I used to work in an office which had four of us, including myself, and with that, I would walk into the office, this is around the time when I actually started to work on myself and develop myself and start to become more positive, and motivated, and self-directing. I would walk into the office feeling good, registered today, had my goal set, then there was a guy in the office, really nice guy, but mehn, I would walk in every single day, I’ll be like “hey man, how are you?” and he’ll just say, erghh! I’ll be like, what’s wrong? Under the pump, got so much to do, I’ve got so much work to do. I’ll be like, oh mehn, this is going to be fun, I was sitting right next to him in the cubicle as well. It could be funny, during the day, if the phone would ring and he’ll would answer it, be it professional, and then he’ll  realize it’s someone phoning at the office,  and he’ll be like, “oh hey, urhhggh”, under the pump, “I’m so busy, what’s going on?” I’m just like, oh mehn, bringing some type of positivity, I’m sure you can reach down inside you somewhere and grab something inside of him, but really, what’s the deal? Why do people feel the need to be so negative all the time? And more importantly, why do we feel so stuck in all situations? Why do we feel so stuck when we are at our workplace, that we don’t like, and that’s really so bad for us, mentally and physically, that’s draining us every single day. Why are we so stuck? And the funny thing is really simple solution to it, get out, get out of that workplace, get away from that person, get away from all the negativity in your life and you can start focusing on more positive things. Alright, But, it’s really interesting when you look at it, because people don’t do it.

Now, there’s an old mentality that you should just have to suck it off and put up with it, so you’d go to work, you’d go to your job, and you just do it for 40 years, and then you’ll just come home at the end when you retire, or maybe it’s 20 years, but you just do it, you suck it up get on with it whether you like it or not. You got a family to feed, that’s just what you do, or that’s just what you have to do to work, or that’s just the type of work you have to do. Or if it’s with someone who is quite negative, it’s best to be polite, you know, it’s better just to be polite, listen to them, take it all in, and go about your day . No, no no no no no, that’s not the case at all. That is very old way thinking. These days, you’ve got the choice, you can actually get out. You can get a new job, you can do something else, and you can get away from people. You don’t have to stand there and absorb all that negative energy. But what’s really cool, is I can help you out with three simple things to help you change your situation now if it’s in a work environment, if its career, or if it is, maybe just struggling with those types of conversations that pop up. These simple steps will help you get out of those so you can start focusing on what’s most important, and that’s you!

So first thing you need to do, is whatever the situation is, whatever the conversation is, or whatever it is, you have to show some appreciation, okay, you have to really appreciate it first. And that sounds a little bit weird. But it’s true, anything in life, there has to be some level of appreciation for everything, so if it’s in that work environment, then you have to show some appreciation and just appreciate it for what it is, okay, if it hasn’t changed, and there’s no sign of it changing, then you’ve got to appreciate that for what it is. If you’re talking to a person who is very negative all the time, then you need to show great appreciation. Appreciate the person for who they are, and appreciate the struggle that they’ve up until now, because obviously whatever is happening in their life is not working for them, whatever the condition they’ve had in their life is not working for them, and you have to respect and appreciate that, cause if you don’t you put yourself in a different way of thinking, we’re trying to get into another way of thinking, but that’s not right, you have to appreciate everything that surrounds you first; your environment, your work situation, and people, more importantly. So I just showed you some appreciation and after that just remember, you have a choice. Alright!

So number 2 is remember you have a choice, you are not stuck in that work situation, in that work environment, you don’t have to be there, you are not stuck talking to a person, you know, if I want to unload a baggage on it, look that, from the way I see it, that top of negative energy, those top situations, they are gifts that you don’t want. Have you ever had a Christmas gifts that have been given to you that you really didn’t want. You open up and you be like, auhhh, thank you …never use it, don’t do anything with it. That’s how I see like those conversations, or that’s how I see the negative energy coming from people. That’s an unwanted gift to you and you don’t have to accept it, okay, like any gift, you don’t have to accept it. You know, you don’t have to worry about if the other person gets upset by it. So just remember that you have a choice and you can choose right now, to get out of that business, get out of that work environment to find something positive, or get away from that person, or those people, that group of friends that are sucking out all your positive energy out of you.

And number 3, now this one is of course most important. And I believe you should apply this to every area of your life and that’s self-preservation. That’s right; you have to look after yourself. And that’s when if you are in that situation, that work environment, that is drenched in negative energy every single day, and you start taking that home to your family, to your kids, or roommate, or even just friend and you just spill that over. That’s not good for you, that’s not good for them. You know, there’s a mind-body connection and if you are under a lot of stress or you couple lot of negative energy, it stand to have a lot of negative impact on your physical health as well. When I get really angry and we get really stress at work, they have heart attacks and that’s what happens, it manifests. All those negative energies manifest itself inside your body, and causes you a lot of harm and that’s why you have to associate yourself with positive people, positive surroundings, environments that are going to lift you up and help you grow, rather than drag you down and take all that time with you as well. You have to remember that you’re the most important person, without you looking out to yourself, but your mental health, your physical health, you can’t perform at the level you need to perform, you can’t look after a family, you can’t look after your wife, your husband, your kids, you know, you can’t be that person unless you are 100%. So, you have to always remember to be in line with self-preservation.

So those three for you again, is just, first of all show appreciation for your environment or the person, remember that you have a choice and you can choose to get out of it straightaway, and self-preservation. Look after yourself, mentally, physically.

Quick question on that is ask yourself if those situations are actually good for you. If you’re not sure, you ask yourself, is this good for me? Is this conversation good for me? If it’s not, then you just excuse yourself from either of them. Its okay to excuse yourself from conversations by the way. Now just keep in mind that the worst thing you can do for now is take some type of action, if what I’ve been saying is actually getting into you and you realize that you’re in a situation you don’t want to be anymore, if you are in a work environment you don’t want to be anymore, if you are constantly around people that are just draining your positive energy and are constantly negative, take action today, that’s the first thing you need to do and the biggest mistake you can make is not do that if you realize this and don’t do anything about it. So straightaway, as soon as you finish watching this, take action, start looking for a new job, start divorcing yourself from some people that are just draining you down.       

Okay, I hope this is been of help to you and know it has been of help to me in my life in so many different ways. Look please, leave a comment below, I would love to know, and if your struggles or your stories or what situations you’re in, so we might be happy to help you get out of those and I can help you with a few ideas, please, feel free to join the achievement club, we are helping a lot of people across the world. If there’s anything else you we can do, let us know. My name is Nathan Hawken. Thank you so much for watching.


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