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How To Take Back Control Of Your Life



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Have you had a period of time where it feels like you have little or no control over your life? It could be a day, a week, a whole month or even a full year where you are constantly distracted with unimportant tasks and it feels like no matter what you do you can't seem to get back on top. In this video we examin the root cause of why some days are better than others and how TODAY you can form a firm grip on your life and never let it slip again.

TRANSCRIPTION Hi Everybody, It’s Nathan Hawken, Cofounder and director of the Achievement Club online. And today what we have for you is how to help you take control back of your life. Now, I say that because I want to ask you, have you had one of those days before when it just feel like you have no control of anything that happens on that time. People seem like they’re against you, feels like situations and circumstances keep arising and shift your attention over this, so you can’t actually focus on your tasks and your activities, and you really just feels like you are out of control. Sometimes, it can go on for a week, or months, other people speak to me and say that it feels like a whole year, nothing is changed. That there is always something else that pops us, there’s always a situation, an event, something at work, maybe even people that just keep taking their attention away, keep taking their focus away and they’re just struggling with everything they are doing. You know me personally, I’ve had that for myself, it’s been a week, there was even times that I think that it was about 6 months, where it felt like I was having no control of my own life. I was trying to put effort in, I was trying to work, I was trying to create, also to things of my future, my goals, but nothing was actually happening, and I felt like no matter what I did, I just got distracted, and sat right, something would pop up that I had to go take care of straight away. I just became really, really difficult to have any top progress at all, that really sucked! Now, I just had to think about it a little bit, cause I was quite curious about them, why, why is that, why is it that some days are better than others, why is it that some weeks are better than others, why is it that some months and even years feel so much better than other ones before. Now, I understand there needs to be a balance, there’s an equilibrium, enjoy the good, and there’s gotta be a little bit of bad, but I was just really curious about it. So, I did a lot of research, and I started to study and I came up with the law of cause and effect. Now, the law of cause and effect, if you haven’t heard of it, like what is that? So, the cause and effect means that you look the word dominate, how you think, and how you feel, the law that dictates to you what you should think and what you should feel. You allow your environment to shape you, not only in a good way, not only in a focused way, but just in a way that doesn’t work for you. It’s living reactively, instead of actively. Now, when I speak to a lot of my clients, my coaching clients, this is the first thing we work on, because most people are living on the effects of cause, that means that they allow the world people to affect their emotional state, to affect what they do in their lives, in their business, in their career, in their relationships. Have you ever heard anyone say, this person’s been rude to me, so I got upset? or because of this situation, I’m having a horrible day, and I feel bad, because of what this person says or does, I get really angry about it. Now, if you listen to what they’re actually saying there, it’s that whatever this person does, whatever this situation does, affects how they feel, like they have no choice, but the fact of the matter is we do have a choice there, but they are also living on the effects of cause, and allowing that to happen and allowing circumstances and situations to really dictate to them how they are going to gonna feel without having a choice. Now, have you heard people say before, “that’s just how it is, that’s the why it is, that’s what people do, or we’ve always done it like that.” That’s a very old school way of thinking, that really limit any type of innovation or change, it’s really nothing there, look, it doesn’t have to be like that, you know, its just because that’s always how it have been done, or that’s just how you’ve been lived your life, that’s how you’ve always let things affect you, doesn’t mean you can’t stop that and start changing that for the better and start working towards, like a better life, a better career, a better business, getting away from that and start thinking in a very new, new way. Now, the core thing is I’ve actually got three awesome tips to help you take control back of your life if you are suffering on the effects of a cause, and help you start living that cause. Now, the first step for you, you see this one is gonna seem kind of funny, but it’s think! It’s start thinking. Most people don’t think! They don’t use the capacity of their brain to actually help them in their life and in a craze of what they wanna do. Most people think about what they gonna eat, what they wanna cook, the basic world around them without digging too deep inside, in their own mind, they are actually thinking about a few certain things. So in a situation that arises, when it’s someone may be being rude, or maybe it’s a situation that pops up at work, and it’s really hard for them, so they get upset. That’s them living reactively, but if you actually stop and think for a second, instead of reacting to the situation, you can think and ask yourself, a few different questions, but think about what you can do to not be affected about the situation. You think how can I let this not, affect me so much. You develop this habit of thinking, it takes a little bit of discipline, but once you have a habit of it, it becomes so easy to disengage from the situations, disengage from those people that don’t lack that; spreading that negativity so you don’t get affected by. Pretty cool right! You also need, when you’re thinking is to kind of remove that emotion formula at the same time. So, part of thinking is, yeah, thinking through the situation, but removing emotion formula as well. So when you remove emotion, you can actually think much clearer. When someone says something rude to you or does something that really upsets you, you can actually stop and when you think about it for a Sec, remove that emotion so you can remove that sadness or that anger that you felt. Think to yourself for a second, and then you actually have a much clearer idea of what you can do to avoid that person, or what you can do, so if that person says something like that, it doesn’t affect you at all. Pretty cool right! So Step number 2 goes into questions then. So, once you start thinking of removing emotion, you start asking yourself those questions. For this situation that is taking your attention away or it’s really distracting you, you can actually stop and think for a second, remove the emotions, then ask yourself, how can I use that distraction to refocus back on my task? What can I do so this doesn’t affect, so I can focus on my relationship, so I can focus on what I need to do. So I can focus on feeling better, instead of feeling worse. I mean a part of the questions is an amazing thing, and you can do this in any area of your life, once you start asking yourself there are questions in your unconscious mind actually answers them for you. Now, the interesting thing is your unconscious mind doesn’t always give you the right answer, it gives you an answer for you based on the right questions. So if that situation arises and you get completely distracted by, and you ask yourself, why does this always happen to me? Or Why does this have to happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? Your unconscious mind will answer that for you with an incorrect answer. It will say, well, because you know I go to New York or because you suck, or because you ask for it. So those questions are good, so you’re gonna change the quality of your questions, but ask them, so you do, you just ask, how can I use this situation to help me right now, to help focus, what can I do now to make sure that situation or that person doesn’t affect my emotional stay. Then your unconscious mind will answer these for you. Now, the third one there is purposeful actions. Have you been thinking? Have you removed your emotions and you start asking yourself there are questions, you gotta develop a life of purposeful action, now what does that mean? That means scheduling, that means tasking, that means the thins that’s gonna keep you on task every single day, so that you are living a purposeful life, you are doing what you wanna do, and distractions and people don’t become a big distraction that takes your focus away compared to what’s more important and thats your life and what you need to do to create that level of success for you. So there’s three single steps, put those into practice straight away, and it will really serve to help you. So just a recap: That is, Thinking, number 1: Think about the situation, think about how you can avoid it and then remove the emotion from it. Number 2. It’s Questions, ask yourself there are questions and remember your unconscious mind is gonna answer it for you, so they have to be the correct questions. And now, Number 3 is purposeful living. So start planning your days, scheduling your tasks, scheduling your activities, to make sure that you are living your life on purpose. You know what’s gonna happen, and you know how to avoid all those distractions and people, so you are not affected by them. A biggest mistake you can make with something like this, is maintaining the emotion and reacting straight away. If someone is being rude to you or situation pops up that distracts you and an emotion comes on straight away, you have to stop and you have to get rid of that emotion. You cannot react! If you’ve ever seen people who argue and argue, and get angry and angry, what does that always turn into, something not nice, they can turn into fight negatively, broken relationships, broken friendships. That’s what we’re trying to avoid here. So keep the emotions out of it, if you feel it come up, stop! Just stop for a second, push that emotion aside, think clearly and then continue from there. So, have you watched this, first thing I recommend you right now so you can put this into practice straight away is start scheduling your activities, start scheduling your days, planning your days, planning your weeks, even your months, so you just staying on track every day as well as just keep practicing taking emotion and putting that aside for a little while. It could be quite difficult to do to begin with, but I promise you, once you start doing it, you become more and more on top of it, because when you stop allowing your emotions to dictate your days and your life, you can actually stop focusing on what is more important, and what you need to do, and have to create more levels of success. So look, I want to thank you very much for watching this all the way through and know this is being a benefit to you. Please, follow the link below, and leave a comment, the link will take you through a few extra bits on the Achievement Club, leave a comment because we would love to know any of your faults and your struggles to be of help to you out there and if there’s anything we can do, please, let us know. My name is Nathan Hawken and I will see you very soon.

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